Photography by Richard Edwards

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In the Blog section you can read about black and white development, digital conversions to black and white photography in general. As the site grows more information will be available to help those interested in black and white photography.

The gallery section will show select images of mine, digital conversions and scanned black and white negatives.

Feel free to contact me in the "contact" section to ask any questions about black and white photography. I am here to share my experience and knowledge. I would like for you to also share yours!

Recent Blogs

Tmax 100
Developing black and white negatives in your home is not so difficult, in fact an hour of your time and you will have a base to work from that can render images far superior to digital black and white conversions. Not that black and white conversions don't have their place, many of my images are conversions. I will, as the site develops (no pun intended) try to demonstrate differences to help you make a choice,  an informed choice as to the strengths and weakneses of the two mediums.

Below are some sample images of my work. Please visit the galleries section to see more. The galleries will change periodically to ensure diversity of my work is shown. Study the images and try to determine which are digital conversions and which are from B&W negatives.

The images below are a mixture of 35mm digital, 35mm film, and medium format film. The various films below are Kodax Trix 400, Kodak Tmax100, Ilford delta pro 3200, and Ilford FP4. One of the images is from a D700 digital file. Can you pick the differences?

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