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Italy in 2012

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New Images for 2015

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A few of my images taken in 2014. all taken with my Leica M9, except the first image, it was taken with a Nikon D700. Enjoy, hopefully this year I will add more images.

Stradbroke Island.

Murroran Japan

Kyoto Snow

Tokyo Train Travel

 Melbourne Shopping

An Assortment of images

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I wanted to post some older images taken over the years, these images are a mixture of Film and digital. It will be interesting to see if people can tell the difference, it will also be interesting to see if you can pick which images were taken with Leica Glass.

An image of the locals riding past my place on Saturday mornings

Self Portrait Some light entertainment in Fortitude Valley Captured while heading home from a shoot in the countryside. Taken Just outside Canberra in the Brindabella's




Sydney M9

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A Few more images from the Sydney trip. The 2 black and white images we made by converting the RAW files in Silver Effects pro. I really like this program for black and white conversions. That said i still find the images not the same as developed black and white film. If you view through the Posts from my Blog you can compare, the Digital images have a sort of clinical feel to them, where as the black and white film images have an edge that is "film" I do however prefer colour digital to colour film. The colour image was edited using Nik Effects, Viveza and colour effects pro. Please leave your comments.








ST Moritz Kodak Tmax 400

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Film in fridge for 8 months

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This film (Kodak Tri X 400) was in the fridge for 8 months, i developed it in D76 @22c for 8 minutes, i was surprised to see the negs had such good contrast. no work in PP has been done to these images apart from some sharpening.



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Ok, I have been trying a few different sharpening methods, Sharpening before reduction in image size and after, These are the only images on this site that have been sharpened after all editing is complete, including File and image size, I think its better.




Morton Island

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This image was taken early morning. The subject is that of a wrecked fishing boat was onto the beach


Italy Including Video Link

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Here is a small video I made with some of my Photos of our Italian Trip. Please enjoy. I wrote the music and recorded it as well. The song is called "There's a fly in my Soup"


Please use the link









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I recently took a trip to Japan, I will add images as i work on them, this image was taken from the bus as we were leaving Muroran in Hokaido, the north Island.