Photography by Richard Edwards

Fortitude Valley or "the valley" has traditionally be knows as the night life district of Brisbane. It is fun of bars, night clubs and strip joints. It was at one point a fairly industrial area as well. now it is transforming  so much that it is hard for me to remember buildings and places that were there 10 years ago. Some the old buildings like the adjacent one have now been replaced with hi rise apartments and commercial buildings.

Walking around fortitude valley and its fringe areas will surely provide some great photos opportunities. this photo was just captured while loitering around this building waiting for someone to walk past.

Leica M9 - 50mm Sumilux Lens

This photo is an example of the change taking place in the valley, the scaffold and the gantry providing access for pedestrians while construction takes place behind the postered hoardings. This photo was taken 

Brisbane - Fortitude Valley